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About Us

Pursuit of Health and Happiness


It is the foundation of every resident whose home is Pinecrest Retirement Lodge.


You are welcome to bring your car, your computer, and many other items to use at your new home.  Enjoy the sense of pride in the knowledge that  you are making your own decisions in a community with like minded friends.  Relax and know that you are secure and without the worry of maintaining your home, meals, laundry, or housekeeping . 

Instead, focus on the activities and staying creative on a daily basis.

You will have many opportunities to participate in daily activities

 that range from daily devotionals, exercising, BINGO every Friday,

planting plants and vegetables, arts and crafts, ice cream socials,

and field trips, just to name a few.

Mental and spiritual growth is nurtured and encouraged while you enjoy your independence and close friendships at

Pinecrest Retirement Lodge.

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